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Why do you need a real estate agent when you build a new home?

     The builder has professional representation, you need professional representation too. Builders have many people looking out for their interests, the builder rep in the model, his manager, and all of the builder’s staff. While most of them are very professional and consider customer satisfaction important, at the end of the day, they all work for the builder and the builder's best interests. Because Nutown Realty -only- works for the buyer, we always look out for the buyer’s best interests, not the builder’s.

Who pays Nutown Realty when they represent the buyer?

     The builders pay our fees. It may seem odd that we work for you and the builder is the one who pays our fee. This is the way it works for virtually all home purchases in Ohio and most of the country.
     For an existing home, a home owner lists their home for sale with a real estate agent for a fee of six to seven percent of the sale price. Typically three percent of this is paid to the real estate agent who brings in the buyer. Again, even though the seller is paying the real estate agent's fee, the real estate agent who brought the buyer almost always works for the buyer and is working in the buyer’s best interest.
     In the same way, builders agree to pay any real estate agent who brings them a buyer even though they know the real estate agent is working for the buyer.

Why do you need a real estate agent who specializes in new homes?

     Building a home is far different than purchasing an existing home. Most real estate agents have little or no experience selling new homes. You need a real estate agent who knows the builders, is familiar with the home building process, and knows how to avoid potential problems unique to building a new home.

Does Nutown Realty work for builders?

     No, Nutown Realty -only- works for buyers. We are a Buyer Broker which means we only work for buyers. Because we work for the buyer, we always look out for the buyer’s best interests.

Will the builder give you a discount if you don’t have a real estate agent representing you?

     No, builders rely on real estate agents to bring them a significant portion of their business. They want to maintain a good relationship with the real estate community. To protect this relationship, builders do not discount homes the amount of the real estate agency fee if a buyer is not working with a real estate agent. Essentially, the services of a professional on your side is already paid for. You just need to decide if you are going to use one or not.

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