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How much house do you qualify for? The calculator below will estimate how much house you may qualify for based on your income and debt. We are not lenders. Interest rates and loan qualifications change frequently. This is just an estimate to give you an idea what price range home you might want to look for. If you want a more accurate estimate, we can refer you to one of our recommended lenders.

Purchase Price Qualification Calculator
Monthly Income:
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Monthly Loan Expenses:
Monthly Auto Payment(s)
Monthly Credit Card(s) Payment
Monthly Other Loan(s) Payment
New Home Loan Terms:
Type Of Financing
Length Of Loan Years
Annual Interest Rate ( today's typical rate 3.5% ) %
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Estimated Loan and Purchase Price You May Qualify For
Loan Amount
Down Payment at %
Maximum Purchase Price you may qualify for
Estimated Payment You May Qualify For
Principal and Interest portion of payment
Estimated Monthly Property Tax Escrow
Estimated Monthly Homeowner's Insurance Escrow
Estimated Total Monthly Payment
*Many times builders have work equity programs allowing you to paint, mulch, etc. to lower or eliminate your down payment.

DISCLAIMER: We are not lenders. Many factors are used to qualify you for a mortgage loan. Interest rate and qualification rules also change frequently. The above figures are estimates of what you may qualify for based on the income and payments you provided. For a more accurate mortgage qualification estimate, contact us and we will put you in touch with a qualified mortgage broker.


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